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Quality professionals, that create quality products.

Shawn M. Kelly

Sales & Service

Shawn started his sales career in 2008, and has been a key contributor to the company. He has a SBS degree in Sales and Marketing.

Farley "Tony" Malone

SEO Specialist

Farley graduated from Gordon College in Atlanta, GA with a Masters Degree in Computer Science. Farley keeps us ahead of the latest google algorhythms.

Ricky Jimenez

SEO Analyst

Ricky graduated from University of Massachusetts a Masters Degree in Computer Science, specifically market trending analysis. Ricky originally used statistics and trending to predict stock value increases as a day trader. After making his first million he decided to follow his passion to work with computers and friends. With his advanced analytical background, Ricky's skills help to predict market ascension for overall backlink effeciency and social media trends. Ricky is a crucial component to Phoenix's success and helped grow the company to what it is today.

Ronald J. Gagne Jr.

Beast / Genius

Ron doesn't need a bio.

Wanda Slytvenchenko

Phone Support

Wanda handles most of our phone calls. Most companies have an automated service. We prefer to use Wanda as she adds a pleasant touch to every call.

Joseph Sherry

Logo & Print Designer

Joe's creative background is too vast to list, but for fun he moonlighted as a tattoo artist and is a published writer. A renaissance man if you will.

Matthew O'Bray

Inside Sales

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Juan Antonio Flores

Market Strategist

Juan has extensive experience in multi-national marketing, specializing in demographic and social forecasting. He speaks English, Spanish, Portugeuse, Italian, French, Russian, Japanese, Cherokee and Chinese.

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