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Web sites can run anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. This depends on what services you want to employ us for. Content generation, demographic scouting, general design, development and search engine optimization factor into the costs of a complete website.
Yes, we often take stale web designs and marketing concepts and give them fresh, new looks.
Each project has different scopes of work, but a standard website for a small or medium business usually takes 2-4 weeks to complete. This time frame is subject to change based on how elaborate the design process is and of course the customers own compliance with authorization of the design and content.
Any firm that guarantees a #1 spot on Google is lying to you. There is absolutely no way to guarantee your position on the search engine. We can get a pretty good idea based on analyzing your competitor’s web presence of where you can actually rank, but guaranteeing anything would be as reliable as a magic 8 ball. We can guarantee that the relevant traffic to your website will absolutely increase.
Relevant traffic is traffic generated from a search query or external link that is relevant to your business. For instance, if the name of your company is ‘Top Hat Limousine Service’ you don’t want to be ranking high for selling top hats. The traffic coming in should be potential customers or partners. Very little revenue is generated from visitors who didn’t intend to look for your service in the first place.
Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. You see 2 websites. One is an obvious template where things look ‘pretty good’ but not exceptional. The other has moving content, sophisticated menus and an overall intuitive presence which makes for easy navigation. Assume both are priced similarly, which are you going to choose?
A Web Presence is the representation of a company based on everything accessible on the web. Its web site, Google listing, Facebook page and reviews from consumer websites are all examples of this.
Phoenix Web Solutions can monitor and alter your web presence. In most cases we can give you monthly insights about what type of marketing is actually bringing you the most customers to maximize the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns.
No, if you have a host picked out or have an existing site hosted with a company you are comfortable with, we will make the necessary adjustments to upload our designs to that host. There are scenarios however, where your host may not be suitable for certain types of software due to running services or access limitations.
No, depending on the scope of work to be performed and the amount of money committed to the project we give you a few payment options. Normally on websites under $3000 we take half down and half when completed. On sites costing $3000 or more we can do fund releases based on project staging. So if your project has 6 stages, we take 30% of the amount of the contract to start and then on the completion of each stage we take a percentage based on work performed until the project is completed.
You can call, e-mail or what many people prefer to do is communicate through live chat with general concepts and needs and we can have an account manager contact you via your preferred contact method.
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